About Rams

For as long as I can remember, I have always been known as someone who speaks, someone with an opinion, someone who leads. From the time I was a kid when my parents always shouted "shut your mouth" to way up to high school and beyond where I was the guy that would always choose to article a view on behalf of my schoolmates or peers.

In spite of the fact that I was a maths and science whiz kid, I ended up in a different world, the world of public relations and reputation. It makes sense why everything that I did and do, speaks to that. From being a stage actor, to a journalist, to a public relations strategist, current affairs advisor, an author, a reputation manager as well as a radio and television presenter. I have also launched an award-winning successful business as a coach for corporate professionals and entrepreneur.


And over the past 24 years I have perfected a formula and a system for what I do.

I build reputations. And over the past 24 years I have perfected a formula and a system for what I do. I have advised and worked with some of the best, influential and respected people and organisations from cabinet Ministers, banks, corporations as well as state-owned agencies. I have helped CEOs and business leaders manage crises. I have helped organisations and individuals build strong organisations.

This I have done because of the values I espouse: integrity and visibility. I truly believe that these values lead to success, whether you define success as making money, stability or recognition. I am passionate about the media and what it can do for anyone if used properly. My motive is to help anyone with building a strong reputation.

Three things have driven my success: my skills' set, my networks as well as my knowledge. I was trained as a journalist, I know what the media wants and how it can work for you, but most importantly I have the right connections in the media.