In 2014 I launched a new offering, professional and business coaching. After nearly 18 years in business, I realised that I could teach corporate professionals and entrepreneurs how to grow themselves and get maximum results for personal and business success.

Most people – leaders in business, society and government – do not know "what they want", "who they are" and "where they are going". My coaching is a practical and effective system that can be used by any type of corporate professional or entrepreneur anywhere in the world to build skills, confidence and presence, in order to achieve business and personal objectives.

This programme also aims to help participants to build their profiles and brands. Because when professionals and entrepreneurs have good profiles and their brands are strong, inevitably their stock or business is stronger. A strong well profiled corporate professional or entrepreneur is good for stakeholder satisfaction, for new sales as well as managing customer relations.

Through my coaching I help my clients realise their purpose and help them with the tools to achieve their goals, which ultimately leads to building strong public profiles.

Within months of launch, my coaching business was named as one of the best businesses by the JT FOXX Organisation in Los Angeles, USA in October 2014.

To realise your true potential, get Africa's #1 PROFESSIONAL COACH